A backend module for sending notifications if an entity hasn't been changed in a while.

1.0.2 2018-03-12 08:42 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-21 04:44:28 UTC


This module is used to send a notification for the subject that an entity hasn't been changed in a while.

Technical instruction

set up the entity_notifyer

Step 1

  • create a new observer in heimrichhannot\contao-observer backend module
  • select entity_notification as subject in the observer config
  • select a dataContainer
  • select entity_inactive_notifcation as observer in the observer config
  • set criteria on which the notification should be send

Step 2

  • create a new entity_notification in heimrichhannot\contao-entity_notifyer backend module
  • select an previously defined observer
  • choose a notification that should be send when the criteria set in the observer is fullfilled


  • enable the backend user to exclude an entity from the entity notifyer (e.g. this could come to use when a notification has been send a couple of times for that entity and you don't want to get more)

  • add excludeFromEntityNotifyer field to dca which you want to exclude from the notification

  • add the operation to the dca
   $dc['list']['operations'][\HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_EXCLUDE_FROM_OBSERVER] = [
       'label'           => &$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['OBSERVER'][\HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_EXCLUDE][0],
       'title'           => &$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['OBSERVER'][\HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_EXCLUDE][1],
       'href'            => 'key=' . \HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_EXCLUDE,
       'icon'            => 'system/modules/entity_observer/assets/img/_icon.png',
       'button_callback' => [
  • add the operation in the config.php
// exclude from entity_notifyer
$GLOBALS['BE_MOD']['accounts']['member'][\HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_EXCLUDE] =
    ['HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Backend\EntityNotifyerHelper', \HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_EXCLUDE];
// include to entity_notifyer
$GLOBALS['BE_MOD']['accounts']['member'][\HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_INCLUDE] =
    ['HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Backend\EntityNotifyerHelper', \HeimrichHannot\EntityNotifyer\Entity::ENTITY_NOTIFYER_INCLUDE];
  • you can now exclude/include an entity from the functionality of entity_notifyer at the backend entity