Contao 4 dynamic feed bundle

1.3.2 2024-01-30 14:50 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-30 00:59:41 UTC


Generates an dynamic feed for your news articles.


  • Contao 4.4
  • PHP7


Dynamic rss feed

The dynamic rss feed is based on feed sources and their channels. Feed sources can be categories, tags, etc. A channel can be a single categorie, a single tag, e.g.

Register a feed source

  1. Your class must implement FeedSourceInterface
  2. Create a service for your class and add the hh.dynamicfeed.feed_source tag.
  3. Create a new feed in the Contao-Backend (News -> Create Feed), select dynamic feed and the corresponding feed source.
// Example for codefog/tags-bundle
// services.yml

        tags: [hh.dynamicfeed.feed_source]

The bundle will then add following routes for your feed source:

  • /share/[feedAlias|feedId]
  • /share/[feedAlias|feedId]/[channelId|channelAlias]
  • /share/[feedAlias|feedId]/source_channels (list of available channels)