This bundle offers functionality concerning terminal42/contao-DC_Multilingual for the Contao CMS.

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Last update: 2021-10-17 15:29:57 UTC


This bundle offers functionality concerning terminal42/contao-DC_Multilingual for the Contao CMS.


  • adds multilanguage support for tl_content
  • adds shortcut functions for rapidly activating DC_Multilingual support for a given DCA
  • adds multilanguage support for madeyourday/contao-rocksolid-custom-elements
  • adds insert tags for generating multilingual event, news or faq urls
  • caution: overrides the id handling of DC_Multilingual v4+ to the v3 behavior (the record with the joined translation has its id set to the id of the translation record)


  1. Install via composer: composer require heimrichhannot/contao-dc-multilingual-utils-bundle.
  2. Activate DC_Multilingual support for tl_content (not optional):
// This is typically placed in your project bundle tl_content.php
// See below for a full reference of addDcMultilingualSupport()

    ['de', 'en', 'pl'],
        'text', // add fields here...
        'rsce_data' // add this if you have rocksolid custom elements

Technical details

Insert tags

The following new tags are available:

Name Example
{{dcmu_news_url::<id>::<language>}} {{dcmu_news_url::1::de}}
{{dcmu_event_url::<id>::<language>}} {{dcmu_event_url::5::es}}
{{dcmu_faq_url::<id>::<language>}} {{dcmu_faq_url::8::en}}

Activate DC_Multilingual rapidly using the shortcut functions

Simply call the following code in your DCA file:

    'tl_calendar_events', // table name
    ['de', 'en', 'pl'], // supported languages
    'de', // fallback language
    ['title', 'subTitle'], // the translatable fields
    // options
        'langColumnName', // the language field in the dca's records (you have a record for every language and this column holds which one it is)
        'langPid', // this field holds the parent record of every translated record

Notes on overridden classes

For generating content elements which respect the multilanguage records created using DC_Multilingual in the backend, it's necessary to override the ContentModel, because Contao calls the core's ContentModel directly in Controller:

$objRow = \ContentModel::findByPk($intId);

But for getting Contao to output the translated Elements, we need to use our own ContentModel inheriting from the class Terminal42\DcMultilingualBundle\Model\Multilingual/Multilingual.