A library that can provide of a list of classes in a given namespace

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0.5.3 2023-06-18 17:43 UTC


A dead simple utility to identify classes in a given namespace.

This package is an improved implementation of an answer on Stack Overflow and provides additional features with less configuration required.


  • Application is using Composer.
  • Classes can be autoloaded with Composer.
  • PHP >= 5.3.0


Installing is done by requiring it with Composer.

composer require haydenpierce/class-finder

Note: No other installation methods are currently supported, as Composer is required to manage autoloaded classes which are identified by ClassFinder.

Supported Autoloading Methods

MethodSupportedwith ClassFinder::RECURSIVE_MODE
PSR-0❌️ | ❌️

\^ Experimental.

* Planned.

** Not planned. Open an issue if you need this feature.


Standard Mode


require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

ClassFinder::disablePSR4Vendors(); // Optional; see performance notes below
$classes = ClassFinder::getClassesInNamespace('TestApp1\Foo');

 * array(
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Bar',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Baz',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Foo'
 * )

Recursive Mode

(Available since v0.3-beta)


require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

ClassFinder::disablePSR4Vendors(); // Optional; see performance notes below
$classes = ClassFinder::getClassesInNamespace('TestApp1\Foo', ClassFinder::RECURSIVE_MODE);

 * array(
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Bar',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Baz',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Foo',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Box\Bar',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Box\Baz',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Box\Foo',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Box\Lon\Bar',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Box\Lon\Baz',
 *   'TestApp1\Foo\Box\Lon\Foo',
 * )


Most applications and libraries rely on PSR-4 to autoload classes. To detect these classes, ClassFinder scans your application's files to check for classes in various directories. By default, ClassFinder will also scan 3rd party classes in the vendor directory to locate potential classes in the provided namespace. This can be terribly slow if your application has lots of 3rd party code. You can preemptively ignore these classes with ClassFinder::disablePSR4Vendors() - when this is called, subsequent calls to ClassFinder::getClassesInNamespace() will skip scanning anything in the vendor directory, and only scan user-defined namespaces specified in composer.json.

Additional Documentation



The following exceptions are thrown when common misconfigurations are identified:


Contributions to the project are welcome; please read the following documentation about how testing works. This information is not required to use the ClassFinder package in your project.

Future Work

WARNING: Before 1.0.0, expect that bug fixes will not be backported to older versions. Backwards incompatible changes may be introduced in minor 0.X.Y versions, where X changes.

The following is a list of ideas for ClassFinder that are planned or proposed; merge requests to add any of these features are welcomed.

  • psr0 support

  • ~~ClassFinder::getClassesInNamespace('TestApp1\Foo', ClassFinder::RECURSIVE_MODE). Providing classes multiple namespaces deep.~~ (included v0.3-beta)

  • ClassFinder::getClassesImplementingInterface('TestApp1\Foo', 'TestApp1\FooInterface', ClassFinder::RECURSIVE_MODE). Filtering classes to only classes that implement a namespace.

  • ClassFinder::debugRenderReport('TestApp1\Foo\Baz') Guidance for solving "class not found" errors resulting from typos in namespaces, missing directories, etc. Would print an HTML report. Not intended for production use, but debugging.