Jelix module allowing to rate some data like news or products

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v1.5.1 2022-12-23 10:41 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-24 17:34:59 UTC


This is a module for Jelix, to rate some data like news or products.

This module is for Jelix 1.7.2 and higher.

It was originally developped into the Havefnubb project.

Setting up the module

The best method is to use Composer.

In a commande line inside your project, execute:

composer require "havefnubb/hfnurates-module"

Launch the configurator for your application to enable the module

php dev.php module:configure hfnurates

After configuring the module, you should launch the installer of your application to activate the module:

php install/installer.php

You should attach url of hfnurates to the main entrypoint of your application. Exemple, in your app/system/urls.xml:

<classicentrypoint name="index" default="false" noentrypoint="false">
    <url pathinfo="/rates" module="hfnurates" include="urls.xml"/>