Haus23 model mappings, classes and proxies for Doctrine2

2.0.0 2015-09-25 10:23 UTC


Doctrine2 mappings, model classes and proxies.

Artefact creation for the tipprunde database

1. XML Mappings

./bin/console tipprunde orm:convert-mapping
    xml config/tipprunde

And adjust the mappings:

  • Add Repository-Declarations where necessary
  • Change mappings: all Date mappings to string, Config entity id strategy, ...
  • Add extra mappings: VSpieler, ...

2. Annotation Mapping

./bin/console tipprunde orm:convert-mapping annotation build/src

3. Generate Enities, Repositories, Proxies

./bin/console tipprunde orm:generate:entities src
./bin/console tipprunde orm:generate:repositories src
./bin/console tipprunde orm:generate:proxies