A Robust application handler for building neat laravel application(s).

2.13.0 2022-07-27 11:49 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-07-27 11:49:31 UTC


This project aims to make using Laravel framework more organized and extensible.

Table of contents


  • Laravel >=5.6


Run the following Command in your cli.

composer require hassanzohdy/mongez


Once its done run the following command to create the config/mongez.php file.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="HZ\Illuminate\Mongez\Providers\MongezServiceProvider"


use HZ\Illuminate\Mongez\Translation\Traits\Translatable;

class MyClass 
  use Translatable;

  public function index()
    $this->transUsers('users.name'); // will translate from `Users` module and `users` file and the keyword is `name
    $this->transUsers('usersGroups.permissions'); // will translate from `Users` module and `usersGroups` file and the keyword is `permissions

Change Log

  • 2.1.21 (28 Feb 2022)
    • Fixed Multiple Trait Methods Alias
  • 2.1.20 (28 Feb 2022)
    • Fixed Missing Semi Colon
  • 2.1.19 (28 Feb 2022)
    • Fixed Model, Resource and Filter in the repository while creating child module to receive the child module name instead of the parent module.
  • 2.1.17 (28 Feb 2022)
    • Added Translatable trait.
  • 2.1.14 (28 Feb 2022)
    • Fixed generated database directory to be Database.


See full documentation in the wiki page.