Library to provide various epoc handling functions

v1.1.3 2014-05-12 03:52 UTC

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Last update: 2023-03-18 07:13:31 UTC


A simple library to provide various epoc handling functionality.


Installing into CodeIgniter

Download this repo and copy into your application directory.

Alternatively, install with Composer.


age - Helper function for humanize that returns the age of something

This function is used to calculate the age of an item relative to another time. See humanize for a full example list

$this->EpocTools = new EpocTools();
$this->EpocTools->Age(strtotime('2011-01-01'), strtotime('2011-01-02')) // Reutns '1 day'
$this->EpocTools->Age(strtotime('2011-01-01 22:00'), strtotime('2011-01-02 23:00')) // Reutns '1 day, 1 hour'

date - Return the time at midnight of an epoc

When given any epoc style date this function sets the time of that epoc to midnight precicely.

$this->EpocTools = new EpocTools();
$this->EpocTools->date(time()); // Returns the epoc at midnight today
$this->EpocTools->date(strtotime('2011-01-01 04:32:21')); // Returns midnight on 01/01/2011

epocdateend - Return the last second of a given epoc date

In contrast to epocdate this function returns the last possible second of a given date.

$this->EpocTools = new EpocTools();
$this->EpocTools->dateend(time()); // Returns the last possible second of todays date
$this->EpocTools->dateend(strtotime('2011-01-01 04:32:21')); // Returns 23:59:59 on 01/01/2011

getstamp - The inverse of date()

This function takes a given string and converts it into a date using the template provided. This is in contrast to the default PHP Date() function which does the opposit.

$this->EpocTools = new EpocTools();
$this->EpocTools->getstamp('d/m/Y H:M','02/07/1983 1035'); // Returns unix timestamp 425952900

humanize - Returns a sequence of seconds in human format

This function can be used to return how far an event occurs in the past or future relative to the current time

$this->EpocTools = new EpocTools();
$this->EpocTools->Humanize(time() - 60); // Returns '60 seconds ago'
$this->EpocTools->Humanize(time() - 5400); // Returns '1 hour, 30 minutes ago'
$this->EpocTools->Humanize(time() - 72576000); // Returns '2 weeks ago'

A vareity of options can be specified including how many time scales should be selected (i.e. how specific) for example '2 weeks, 1 hour' would have two blocks, '2 weeks, 1 hour, 38 minutes, 42 seconds' would have four.

shorthand - Return the number of seconds from a human readable time shorthand

This function returns the number of seconds determined from a shorthand time string.

$this->EpocTools = new EpocTools();
$this->EpocTools->Shorthand('1h') // Returns 3600 (1 hour - 60*60)
$this->EpocTools->Shorthand('1h30m') // Returns 5400 (1 hour 30 minutes - 60*60 + 30*60)
$this->EpocTools->Shorthand('2w') // Returns 72576000 (2 weeks - 7*24*60*60*60*2)