PHP implementation of the NodeJS envfile system

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Last update: 2023-03-13 19:26:14 UTC


PHP implementation of the NodeJS envfile system.

This system works by the dev placing a .env file in the root of a project. That file is read for various config information which is imported into scope. Its expected that that file is excluded from commits (via .gitignore or whatever) with every dev having their own .env file unique to them.

As an additional sanity measure its recommended that a .env.example file is placed in the same directory containing example settings. If present that file will be scanned and the variables imported into .env compared to make sure no settings are missing.


Grab the envfile.php file and drop it into your project.

Alternatively install via Composer:

composer require hashbang/envfile


The .env file

The .env file is a simple key/value file in the same form as a INI file.

c = 3
d : 4

Use within PHP

Importing this into a PHP project is straight-forward:

include('envfile.php'); // <- Not needed if you use Composer

$settings = envfile(); // If the defaults of .env (and .env.example for sanity checks) is ok

$settings = encfile('.somewhere-else', '.somewhere-else.example'); // For specific file names

$settings = encfile('.somewhere-else', '.somewhere-else.example', FALSE); // Dont fatally exit if there is a problem

Use within Bash

There is a helper script called getval which can extract a single value from a given .env file (or search directory). This can be used to extract variables into any external script:

# Extract the DBUSER variable from .env
DBUSER=`getval .env DBUSER`

# Extract the DBUSER variable from an .env file located in the parent directory
DBUSER=`getval .. DBUSER`

Use within Makefiles

As with Bash use getval to extract settings one at a time:

# Extract the DBUSER variable from .env
DBUSER=$(shell getval .env DBUSER)

# Extract the DBUSER variable from an .env file located in the parent directory
DBUSER=$(shell getval .. DBUSER)

Use within Makefiles inside CI application folders

This example assumes that:

  • A CodeIgniter project is active
  • EnvFile is installed via Composer
  • The main project Makefile is located in the application directory

A very specific example, but its what we use at MFDC.

The following is an example Makefile:

# Config details
DBHOST=$(shell ../vendor/hashbang/envfile/getval .. DBHOST)
DBUSER=$(shell ../vendor/hashbang/envfile/getval .. DBUSER)
DBPASS=$(shell ../vendor/hashbang/envfile/getval .. DBPASS)
DBDATABASE=$(shell ../vendor/hashbang/envfile/getval .. DBDATABASE)

# MySQL config {{{
	ifdef DBPASS
		MYSQL=mysql ${DBDATABASE} -h"${DBHOST}" -u"${DBUSER}" -p"${DBPASS}"
		MYSQL=mysql ${DBDATABASE} -h"${DBHOST}"-u"${DBUSER}"
# }}}

	echo "Connection Command: ${MYSQL}"

database: database-clean
	@echo "Installing database schema..."
	${MYSQL} <../database/Schema.sql

	@echo "Cleaning database [${DBDATABASE}]..."