Kohana Framework project, installable through composer 2014-01-02 13:51 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-12 21:16:46 UTC


Kohana is an elegant, open source, and object oriented HMVC framework built using PHP5, by a team of volunteers. It aims to be swift, secure, and small.

Released under a BSD license, Kohana can be used legally for any open source, commercial, or personal project.

Composer bootstrap

This repo is a bootstrap to get you start using Kohana through Composer.

There are 2 ways of installing Kohana:

1. Composer project

Open your command prompt, cd into the dir you want to install Kohana in and run composer create-project happydemon/kohana-composer-bootstrap

2. Repo download

Just download this repo, put it where you need it and run composer install, it will download the framework and their bundled modules from the composer.json in the root dir.

After that you can change composer.json to include any package you'd like and run composer update.

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