A Laravel Admin Package to create a website quickly

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Speedy is a Laravel admin package build with bootstrap and vue, it contains a sidebar menu , a authentication and a authorization control



In your laravel application, execute the following command:

composer require hanson/speedy

add service provider to the app.php:

    'providers' => [
        // Laravel Framework Service Providers...
        // Package Service Providers
        // ...
        // Application Service Providers
        // ...

publish resource:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Hanson\Speedy\SpeedyServiceProvider"

after that, you might want to change some config about speedy:

// config/speedy.php
return [
    'class' => [
        'namespace' => 'App\\Models\\',
        'model' => [
            'role' => 'Role',
            'user' => 'User',
            'permission' => 'Permission',
            'permission_role' => 'PermissionRole',

    'table' => [
        'role' => 'role',
        'permission' => 'permission',
        'user' => 'users',
        'permission_role' => 'permission_role',
    // ...

By default, models will be storage to App/Models, and user table is user, or you can modify the config wherever you want

    'class' => [
        'namespace' => 'App\\Models\\',
        // 'namespace' => 'App\\', set model namespace as 'App\\'
        // ...
    'table' => [
        'user' => 'users', 
        // 'user' => 'user',set user table name to users

if you are using user as your table name, remember to modify the user's migration

install speedy:

php artisan speedy:install

create a new admin user

php artisan speedy:admin admin@email.com --create

or assign admin to an existing user

php artisan speedy:admin admin@email.com

make auth by default

php artisan make:auth

and modify the $redirectTo = '/home' to $redirectTo = /admin in LoginController

Start up a built-in development server, with php artisan serve, visit http://localhost:8000/admin.

Menu And Permission

Speedy sidebar Menus is a very convenient component, you just need to modify the speedy config and run a command to recreate the menu.

Speedy Permission is simple, it can't deal with complicated situation. Each single menu have a permission to control it. Which mean whoever can see this menu can access everything in it.

    # speedy.php
    'menus' => [
        'user' => [
            'display' => 'User',
            'url' => '/admin/user'
        'role' => [
            'display' => 'Role',
            'url' => '/admin/role'
        'about' => [
            'display' => 'About HanSon',
            'sub' => [
                'github' => [
                    'display' => 'HanSon\'s Github',
                    'url' => 'https://github.com/hanson',
                    'target' => '_blank'
                'blog' => [
                    'display' => 'HanSon\'s Blog',
                    'url' => 'http://hanc.cc'

After modify the menu, run php artisan speedy:menu to recreate the menu and permission.


Every user has one role. Speedy user admin as a default role and own every permission, even though you modify the menu and run the recreate menu command.


Speedy provider a middleware name speedy.auth in Hanson\Speedy\Http\Middleware\SpeedyAdminMiddleware, every admin route must add it to keep application save.

Hanson\Speedy\Http\Controllers\BaseController will add middleware automatic.

protected $permissionName;

public function __construct()
    $this->middleware('speedy.auth:' . $this->permissionName);

You can make your admin controller extends Hanson\Speedy\Http\Controllers\BaseController and set $permissionName as the menu key.


Speedy has separate the validate rule in config/validator, in the controller, you can use method $validator = $this->mustValidate('{model}.{method}'); to validate the data. The error will display as you define by resources/lang/en/attributre.


The blade file will be publish in resources/views/vendor/speedy, and you might want to change the resource link in resources/views/vendor/speedy/layouts/app.blade.php