Hal Deployment Platform - Job Runner Agent

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Hal Deployment Platform - Job Runner

Hal development is supported by Quicken Loans.

Please Note: This codebase is under heavy development!

We are hard at work on Hal 3.0 which improves the stability and long-term architecture of Hal.

Hal is a configuration and deployment management platform for private datacenters, AWS, and more.

It contains a Web UI/API and agent for running jobs and long-running tasks. This repository is for the agent.

Under normal operations, a user will interact with the system through the Hal frontend UI or API - this application will then be called in the background.

Table of Contents:


The application can be run as follows:

bin/hal [command]

Help for any command may be viewed by adding the --help flag as follows.

bin/hal [command] [options] --help

Available Commands

Command Description
job:build Create and run a build job.
job:release Create and run a release job.
management:build:remove Remove a build (delete from the filesystem)
runner:deploy Deploy a release.
runner:build Run a build.

Running on a server (for production use)

TBD. We'll build out this section once Hal 3.0 is closer to release.

Running locally (for development)

TBD. We'll build out this section once Hal 3.0 is closer to release.