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captures and prints snapchat pictures to a connected BERG Little Printer.

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a tool to capture and print snapchat pictures to a connected inkless BERG Little Printer.

BERG Little Printer http://bergcloud.com/littleprinter/

littlesnapper captures unread snapchat images, hosts the image for 45 seconds (or any amount you choose) to allow the little printer to parse and print the image and then deletes it.

littlesnapper's old name was 'whippersnapper'

note: due to the printer being a thermal printer, the images it will print will be black and white.

yu wer expekting culurs rite?


serious note: littlesnapper won't work anymore because BERG Cloud has shut down.


to run littlesnapper you would need:

  • php 5.1+

  • php-curl

  • php-gd

  • mcrypt

  • A BERG Little Printer

  • A local, hosted server or vps

(I've tried heroku and i'm working on it in the future.)

how to use

Here is a democast


first of all, install dependencies by typing:

composer install

next, replace the following in the config/config.ini.php

###snapchat config

usr = your snapchat username. eg: Evan

pass = your snapchat password. eg: Ghostface

delete = do you want to delete or keep captured snaps? eg: true

  • In ALL cases this should be true as you do NOT need to keep images on your server.

dither = image dithering options: true = dither, false = threshold

###littleprinter config

api_key = your littleprinter API key.

server_url = your servers root directory that littlesnapper is hosted on.

  • ngrok is awesome to host local servers securely on the web.

time_to_delete = the time you want to delete the image in seconds. eg 20

  • if you type null or a strange value, littlesnapper defaults to 45 seconds.

also, make sure your folder permissions are setup properly.

and now using php in the command-line, type:

php littlesnapper.php

here's a few of mine.

It is possible to use cron jobs on a server for littlesnapper.

(I ran into alot of permissions errors when using the cron job. Sometimes littesnapper will print a blank image.)

to try, use

crontab -e

and enter the path to where php is (/usr/bin/php) & the directory to where littlesnapper is.

just don't turn it into a cron job disaster like mine was.



(in order of precedence)


config file.

implement dithering algorithms (for shading)

support for printing multiple snaps.

include more dithering features for configuration.

snapchat stories!




munchi says thanks, for using this software, knowing that you will do good with it.


littlesnapper was made by @hakobyte

php-snapchat - a fork of the reverse engineered snapchat library by @dstelljes

imagecrop - an image cropping library made by abraham daniel

Team Snapchat


BERG Cloud for creating Little Printer!