This TYPO3 extension provides several utilities for ext:solr

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v1.0.2 2017-10-12 15:24 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-16 18:55:29 UTC


Content Objects


Fetches the next level cateogry titles of a given base category.


  • baseId (int, required): Defines the base ID of sys_category to retrieve the next level children from
  • removeEmptyValues (bool, default: true): Whether to remove items that don't have a category title
  • multiValue (bool, default: true): Whether to return a multivalued array
  • singleValueGlue (string, default: ","): Which character to use to concatenate multiple category titles in case multiValue is disabled
  • filterIds (int-list): Defines which category IDs to keep in the final result of resolved base categories
  • excludeIds (int-list): Defines which category IDs to exclude from the final result of resolved base categories - takes precedence over filterIds concerning values that are present for both properties


Given the following category tree, the SOLR_BASECATEGORY content object invoked for baseId=1 would fetch the category titles of the next level below the submitted base category - in this example the result would be ["News", "Products", "Events", "Press"] only.

  • 1: Base Categories
    • 11: News
    • 12: Products
      • 121: New Products
      • 122: Products on Sale
    • 13: Events
    • 14: Press
  • 2: Product Categories
    • 21: Software
    • 23: Books
plugin.tx_solr.index.queue {
    pages {
        fields {
            baseCategory_stringM = SOLR_BASECATEGORY
            baseCategory_stringM {
                baseId = 1
                localField = categories
                multiValue = 1
                # both filterIds and excludeIds
                # result in "Press" being ignored
                filterIds = 11,12,13
                excludeIds = 14

Example of fetching next level category titles of base category with uid=1


Ignore page ID constraints

Ignore page ID constraints on indexing entities that are not accessible per default, like e.g. indexing sys_file items on root-page (pid=0).

plugin.tx_solr.index.queue {
    document {
        table = sys_file
        additionalWhereClause = storage=1 AND identifier LIKE '/public-downloads/%'
        initialization = GMK\BezirkOberfranken\Alternatives\Solr\DocumentInitializer

Example of indexing files of storage 1 below folder /public-downloads/

Prevent non-translated pages being indexes

Prevents pages being indexed multiple times if no page translation is available. This prevents rendering the content fall-back mode for sys_language_uid=0 with having a real language in the request.

plugin.tx_solr.index.queue {
    pages {
        indexer = H4ck3r31\SolrUtility\IndexQueue\PreventNonTranslatedPageIndexer

Example of preventing non-translated pages get indexed in content fall-back mode