Laravel deployment system built with ansible & ansistrano

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Laravel Administrable Deploy

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This package allows you to deploy a website on a dedicated server or a VPS by installing the various tools necessary for the operation of the site and by automating the deployment process.


  1. Works on Unix type system (MacOs and Linux)
  2. Ubuntu Server operating system
  3. have a bash version >= 4 (you can do bash --version ) otherwise update the bash shell
  4. Instal ansible (
  5. Instal anistrano (


Install via composer

composer require guysolamour/laravel-deploy

Preparing the server

1- Connect to the server

ssh root@
# must be changed with your server ip address

2- Create a user to run the tasks

sudo useradd user -s /bin/bash -d /home/user -m -G sudo
# user must be changed with your own user

3- Add created user to sudoers file

sudo visudo
# Append user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL at the end of line
# user must be changed with your own user

4- Install python on the remote server

sudo apt install -y python-apt

5- Disconnect from the remote machine and copy host machine ssh key for the created user

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ user@
# If you dont have generate ssh key before use sshkeygen command to generate newly key
# must be changed with your server ip address


Run the scaffold command to generate the necessary base files. This command must be executed once and at the very beginning.

./vendor/bin/deploy scaffold --host --domain --application appname


1- Generate the file that will contain the passwords

./vendor/bin/deploy password:create
# Enter the password that will be used for decryption
# This password must be saved in clear in the .vaultpass file
# This file must not be versioned.

2- Add theses variables with the correct data

# The deployement user password. The user created on the server.
vault_user_password: "password"

# The deployment database password
vault_database_password: "password"

# The database root user password
vault_database_root_password: "password"

# The administrator password for admin panel in local
vault_admin_local_password: "password"

# The administrator password for admin panel in production
vault_admin_production_password: "password"

# The ftp password for backup. Can be blank.
vault_ftp_password: "password"

# Copy and paste the output of *php artisan key:generate --show command
vault_app_key: "base64:appkey"

3- To modify the file containing the passwords

./vendor/bin/deploy password:edit

4- To view the contents of the file

./vendor/bin/deploy password:view

4- To delete the contents of the file

./vendor/bin/deploy password:delete

Available commands

  1. help
  2. scaffold
  3. configure:server
  4. password:create
  5. password:view
  6. password:edit
  7. password:delete
  8. run
  9. rollback
  10. db:seed
  11. db:deploy
  12. db:dump
  13. db:run
  14. db:import
  15. storage:dump
  16. storage:import
  17. storage:deploy
  18. exec
  19. dkim
  20. clean
  21. ssh
  22. env:deploy


Get more informations

./vendor/bin/deploy help

Configure server

Run configure:server command to install all necessary softwares for a laravel project on the VPS (php, mysql, nginx ...).

./vendor/bin/deploy configure:server


./vendor/bin/deploy run


./vendor/bin/deploy rollback

Seed database

./vendor/bin/deploy db:seed

Database deploy

Copy and import local database into remote database

./vendor/bin/deploy db:deploy

Database import

Copy and import remote database into local database

./vendor/bin/deploy db:import

Database dump

Dump local database

./vendor/bin/deploy db:dump

Storage deploy

Copy and import local storage folder into remote storage folder

./vendor/bin/deploy storage:deploy

Storage import

Copy and import remote storage folder into local storage folder

./vendor/bin/deploy storage:import


Run a shell command online

./vendor/bin/deploy exec "pwd"


Display DKIM public key

./vendor/bin/deploy dkim


Remove temporary files

./vendor/bin/deploy clean


SSH into remote project

./vendor/bin/deploy ssh

If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


This package is bootstrapped with the help of melihovv/laravel-package-generator.