Warn tests that are slow to running

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Showing tests that are very slow to running.


#Quick start


In the require key of your composer.json add the following line:

"guilhermeguitte/laravel-slow-test": "dev-master"

Run the Composer update command:

$ composer update

Add in your phpunit.xml

    <listener class="GuilhermeGuitte\LaravelSlowTest\RunTimeListener" file="vendor/guilhermeguitte/laravel-slow-test/src/GuilhermeGuitte/LaravelSlowTest/RunTimeListener.php"/>


You can specify the maximum execution by tests (default value is 100 ms), creating test.php at app/config folder:

<? php 
    return array(
        'max_execution_time' => 50 // ms

Why be careful with this?

Following principles of Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin), the Clean Code book, he says that all tests should be FIRST, speaking of ** F ** specifically:

  • F ast: All tests must run fast, slowness is a code smell for dependent tests and design problems. If they are slow you end up not running often doesn't have feeback early about a possible problem in the code.

Laravel Slow Test aims to assist in finding slow down. Initially, a small project you do not notice much difference, few tests, but when the project grows, you see how that makes a big difference.

Stay tuned!


Laravel-slow-test is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license