Nette Tracy debugger for Symfony

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This bundle adds the powerful Tracy debug tool to the Symfony2 framework.

Nette Tracy screenshot

Why is Tracy better than the Symfony build-in debugger?

  • Exception stack trace contains values of all method arguments.
  • Request & Response & Server environment information is displayed on the error page.
  • The whole error page with full stack trace can be easily stored to some directory as HTML file (useful on production mode).
  • Webmaster can be notified by email about errors that occured on the site.

See full Tracy docs and sample error page.

Tracy is a part of the Nette Framework.


  1. Install via composer:
composer require kutny/tracy-bundle
  1. Add KutnyTracyBundle to your application kernel. For This bundle to catch as many errors as possible it should be the first bundle in the bundles array.
// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        new Kutny\TracyBundle\KutnyTracyBundle(),
        // ...


1) app.php / app_dev.php

Open web/app.php and web/app_dev.php files and add the following code before the AppKernel class is instantiated:


Or force the production mode where only general server error page will be displayed to the user (read more):


I also recommend you to enable Tracy in a strict mode so it can handle errors of type E_NOTICE and E_WARNING too.

\Tracy\Debugger::$strictMode = true;

2) config.yml

    emails: [''] # error notification recipients
    exceptions_directory: <directory> # optional, default directory set to %kernel.logs_dir%/exceptions
    store_username_in_server_variable: true|false # optional, default value = false; stores username of logged user in $_SERVER['SYMFONY_USERNAME'] - helps you to find out which user encountered the error
        - Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\BadRequestHttpException
        - RuntimeException
        - UnexpectedValueException


This bundle license:

Tracy debugger license: