Craft plugin to generate a sitemap.

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NOTE: This is a fork of the currently unmaintained craft-sitemap plugin by @joshuabaker. The original author has not responded to questions regarding his plans for the future of the project. So feel free to use the fork while we (hopefully) merge it back some day.

Craft Sitemap

A simple plugin for Craft that generates a sitemap.xml based on enabled sections.



  1. Copy the sitemap/ folder into craft/plugins/
  2. Go to Settings → Plugins and click the “Install” button next to “Sitemap”


Within the plugin settings, check the boxes in the “Enabled” column to include them in the sitemap.

To view the output visit /sitemap.xml.


This plugin exposes various service methods, which can be used to add custom items to the sitemap through the renderSitemap hook. Please read the official ‘Hooks and Events’ documentation, if you’re not sure how this works.



Add a renderSitemap method to your plugin to add items via the various service methods listed below.

Here’s an example plugin hook method with comments:

public function renderSitemap()
    // Get an ElementCriteriaModel from the ElementsService
    $criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Entry);

    // Specify that we want entries within the ‘locations’ section
    $criteria->section = 'locations';

    // Loop through any entries that were found
    foreach ($criteria->find() as $locationEntry)
        // Here we’re building a path using the entry slug.
        // This might match a custom route you’ve defined that
        // should be included in the sitemap.
        $path = 'cars-for-sale-in-' . $locationEntry->slug;

        // Make sure that we’re using a full URL, not just the path.
        $url = UrlHelper::getSiteUrl($path);

        // For the sake of this example, we’re setting the $lastmod
        // value to the most recent time the location entry was
        // updated. You can pass any time using the DateTime class.
        $lastmod = $locationEntry->dateUpdated;

        // Add the URL to the sitemap
        craft()->sitemap->addUrl($url, $lastmod, Sitemap_ChangeFrequency::Daily, 0.5);

And here’s an example of the resulting element in the sitemap XML:


Service Methods

There’s several service methods made available to add items to the sitemap.

addUrl($loc, $lastmod, [$changefreq, [$priority]])

Adds a URL to the sitemap.

$loc = UrlHelper::getSiteUrl('special/route');
$lastmod = new DateTime('now');
craft()->sitemap->addUrl($loc, $lastmod, Sitemap_ChangeFrequency::Yearly, 0.1);
addElement(BaseElementModel $element, [$changefreq, [$priority, [$currentLocaleOnly, [$alternateUrls]]]])

Adds an element to the sitemap.

$element = craft()->elements->getElementById(2);
craft()->sitemap->addElement($element, Sitemap_ChangeFrequency::Daily, 1.0);
addSection(SectionModel $section, [$changefreq, [$priority, [$currentLocaleOnly, [$alternateUrls]]]])

Adds all entries in the section to the sitemap.

$section = craft()->sections->getSectionByHandle('homepage');
craft()->sitemap->addSection($section, Sitemap_ChangeFrequency::Weekly, 1.0);
addCategoryGroup(CategoryGroupModel $categoryGroup, [$changefreq, [$priority, [$currentLocaleOnly, [$alternateUrls]]]])

Adds all categories in the group to the sitemap.

$group = craft()->categories->getGroupByHandle('news');
getElementUrlForLocale(BaseElementModel $element, $locale)

Gets a element URL for the specified locale. The locale must be enabled.

echo $element->url;

echo craft()->sitemap->getElementUrlForLocale($element, 'fr');
getUrlForLocale($path, $locale)

Gets a URL for the specified locale. The locale must be enabled.

echo UrlHelper::getSiteUrl('foo/bar');

echo craft()->sitemap->getUrlForLocale('foo/bar', 'fr');

Helper Classes


Enumeration of valid changefreq values.