Provides bullet proof enums with behaviours.

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Enumeration value object. Enumerate values and behaviour with type-safety.

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Enums represent predefined set of values. The available values are defined statically by each enum class. Each value is represented by an instance of this class in a flyweight manner.

  • This enum allows you to add individual behaviour for every enum value (as in Java). This allows you to transform your switches/ifs into more readable composition. (see example bellow)
  • Checks enum annotations if phpdoc-declared methods are properly declared (will generate docblock for you when not specified or incorrect)
  • ===, == and usage of switches is supported
  • string or integer scalar keys are supported
  • Easily access scalar value of enum DayOfWeek::MONDAY()->toScalar() or (string) DayOfWeek::MONDAY()

Also includes:

  • It is type safe. By annotating your enumeration type, you are guaranteed that there will be no other values then you declared. function translateTo(DayOfWeek $day) { ...
  • You can get a list of all the possible values Enum::getAvailableValues()


composer require grifart/enum

This library uses semantic versioning 2.0. You can safely use ^ constrain in you composer.json.


This library requires PHP 7.1 and later.

Project status & release process

While this library is still under development, it is well tested and should be stable enough to use in production environments.

The current releases are numbered 0.x.y. When a non-breaking change is introduced (adding new methods, optimizing existing code, etc.), y is incremented.

When a breaking change is introduced, a new 0.x version cycle is always started.

It is therefore safe to lock your project to a given release cycle, such as 0.1.*.

If you need to upgrade to a newer release cycle, check the release history for a list of changes introduced by each further 0.x.0 version.


Static methods

  • fromScalar() - returns enum instance (value) for given scalar
  • getAvailableValues() - returns all values for given type
  • provideInstances() - implement to return enum instances or automatically implemented by Grifart\Enum\AutoInstances trait.

Instance methods

  • toScalar() - return scalar value identifier
  • equals() - returns true if the same enum value is passed
  • scalarEquals() - returns true if passed scalar value is equal to current value

Simplest enumeration

 * @method static DayOfWeek MONDAY()
 * @method static DayOfWeek TUESDAY()
final class DayOfWeek extends \Grifart\Enum\Enum
    use Grifart\Enum\AutoInstances;
    private const MONDAY = 'monday';
    private const TUESDAY = 'tuesday';

$monday = DayOfWeek::MONDAY();
function process(DayOfWeek $day): void { /* ... */ }

Values with behaviour

This way conditions can be replaced by composition.

This example originally comes from loyalty program domain, continue to full code sample with context.

 * @method static ExpirationType ASSIGNMENT()
 * @method static ExpirationType FIXED()
abstract class ExpirationType extends \Grifart\Enum\Enum
	protected const ASSIGNMENT = 'assignment';
	protected const FIXED = 'fixed';

	abstract public function computeExpiration(Offer $offer): \DateTimeImmutable;

	protected static function provideInstances() : array {
		return [
			new class(self::ASSIGNMENT) extends ExpirationType {
				public function computeExpiration(Offer $offer): \DateTimeImmutable {
					return /* behaviour A */;
			new class(self::FIXED) extends ExpirationType {
				public function computeExpiration(Offer $offer): \DateTimeImmutable {
					return /* behaviour B */;

Migrating from class constants [source code]

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Adding behaviour to values [source code]

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Complex showcase: order lifecycle tracking [source code]

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