This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

reCAPTCHA Validator for Laravel 5

2.2.0 2017-04-06 17:10 UTC


All good things must come to an end. The sad fact is that I don't have time to maintain this package, so the release of Laravel 6 is as good as any to make a clean break. You should take a look at the forks to see if anyone is carrying on the torch.

Thanks to everyone for sticking by this package for years!


A reCAPTCHA Validator for Laravel 5.

(Looking for a Laravel 4 version? Pull the latest 1.x tag. For Laravel 5.0, pull the latest 2.0 tag.)


Add the following line to the require section of composer.json:

    "require": {
        "greggilbert/recaptcha": "dev-master"


  1. In /config/app.php, add the following to providers:

and the following to aliases:

'Recaptcha' => Greggilbert\Recaptcha\Facades\Recaptcha::class,
  1. Run php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Greggilbert\Recaptcha\RecaptchaServiceProvider".
  2. In /config/recaptcha.php, enter your reCAPTCHA public and private keys.
  • If you are not using the most recent version of reCAPTCHA, set version to 1.
  • If you are upgrading to v2 of reCAPTCHA, note that your keys from the previous version will not work, and you need to generate a new set in the reCAPTCHA admin.
  1. The package ships with a default validation message, but if you want to customize it, add the following line into resources/lang/[lang]/validation.php:
    'recaptcha' => 'The :attribute field is not correct.',


v2 (No Captcha)

  1. In your form, use {!! Recaptcha::render() !!} to echo out the markup.
  2. In your validation rules, add the following:
    $rules = [
        // ...
        'g-recaptcha-response' => 'required|recaptcha',

v1 (Legacy)

  1. In your form, use {!! Recaptcha::render() !!} to echo out the markup.
  2. In your validation rules, add the following:
    $rules = [
        // ...
        'recaptcha_response_field' => 'required|recaptcha',

It's also recommended to add required when validating.


reCAPTCHA v2 allows for customization of the widget through a number of options, listed at the official documentation. You can configure the output of the captcha through six allowed keys: theme, type, lang, callback, tabindex and expired-callback.

In the config file, you can create an options array to set the default behavior. For example:

    // ...
    'options' => [
		'lang' => 'ja',

would default the language in all the reCAPTCHAs to Japanese. If you want to further customize, you can pass options through the render option:

echo Recaptcha::render([ 'lang' => 'fr' ]);

Options passed into Recaptcha::render will always supercede the configuration.


To change the language of the captcha, simply pass in a language as part of the options:

    'options' => [
        'lang' => 'fr',

For a list of valid language codes, consulting the official documentation.

Custom template

Alternatively, if you want to set a default template instead of the standard one, you can use the config:

    // ...
    'template' => 'customCaptcha',

or you can pass it in through the Form option:

echo Recaptcha::render([ 'template' => 'customCaptcha' ]);

v1 customization

For the v1 customization options, consult the old documentation and apply accordingly.


Because of Google's way of displaying the reCAPTCHA, this package won't work if you load your form from an AJAX call. If you need to do it, you should use one of the alternate methods provided by Google.