4D bin packing for GPLCart

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Packer is a GPL Cart module that tries to solve "4D" bin packing/knapsack problem. Useful when you need to know box size/weight to calculate shipping costs. Allows to automatically define the number of boxes needed to fit all the products while adding a new order (saved under $order['data']['packages']). Administrators can also check whether a list of products fits into a box. Based on the BoxPacker library.


This module requires 3-d party library which should be downloaded separately. You have to use Composer to download all the dependencies.

  1. From your web root directory: composer require gplcart/packer. If the module was downloaded and placed into system/modules manually, run composer update to make sure that all 3-d party files are presented in the vendor directory.
  2. Go to admin/module/list end enable the module
  3. Grant module specific permissions at admin/user/role
  4. Boxes are managed at admin/settings/box