govCMS site audit and remediation tool. Used to verify all sites in Site Factory meet the minimum requirements.

dev-7.x-3.x 2020-10-30 01:33 UTC


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This project is to help site building using the govCMS distribtion audit their site builds against acceptable use for hosting on the govCMS SaaS platform.

This tool is used as a gateway for onboarding and launching sites on the platform. If you are a site builder, we recommend you use the tool prior to a onboard/forklift request to ensure your site meets the acceptable practices for hosting on the SaaS platform


To audit a site locally, we recommend you download the latest auditor phar for the version of govCMS you're using from the releases page.



To run the audit you'll need to have your site referenceable via a Drush alias. The Site Audit tool relies on the connection details to the site be setup as a drush alias already.

Before you conduct an audit you should always ensure you're running the latest release of the auditor. Check the releases page for the latest version.

Conducting the audit is as simple as running this one command with the correct drush alias. If you do not have an alias setup, you can run the auditor from inside root of a Drupal site using the @self drush alias.

php audit.phar pre-forklift @self

The audit will inform you through commandline output on the results of the audit. At the end of the audit, it will also provide an HTML report that you can open in a browser.