Assetic for CakePHP 3

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0.2.3 2014-08-15 20:41 UTC


Built to seamlessly integrate Assetic with CakePHP.

This is an unstable repository and should be treated as an alpha.

UPDATE: Now that @mark_story has released markstory/asset_compress, I have stopped actively developing this plugin.


composer require gourmet/assetic:*

or by adding this package to your project's composer.json:

"require": {
	"gourmet/assetic": "*"


The AsseticHelper methods work somewhat like their HtmlHelper counter-parts but with some added options.

The methods are:

  • css($path, $options)
  • image($path, $options)
  • script(_$url, $options)

The added $options keys are:

  • debug: boolean Defaults to app's configuration debug value.
  • output: string Name of the Assetic created asset.
  • filters: array|string Filter(s) to use. Defaults to the configured filters for the asset type (css, image, js).

The $path passed to css() and the $url passed to script can be passed as a string or as an associative array (see examples below).


echo $this->Assetic->css('cake.generic', ['debug' => false, 'filters' => 'cssmin']);
echo $this->Assetic->css(['cake.generic' => 'cssmin'], ['debug' => false]);
echo $this->Assetic->css('cake.generic');

All the above examples will have the same result, including the minified version of cake.generic.css. For the last example, it is assumed that the value of the Assetic.cssFilters configuration contains at least the cssmin key.

$this->Assetic->css('cake.generic', ['filters' => 'cssmin,?uglify']);

In the above example, when in debug mode, only the cssmin filter will be run.