Google Shopping Common Protos for PHP

v0.4.0 2024-05-03 18:32 UTC


Google Shopping Common Protos for PHP

NOTE: This repository is part of Google Cloud PHP. Any support requests, bug reports, or development contributions should be directed to that project.

This repository is a home for the protocol buffer types which are shared by multiple Google Shopping APIs, generated for PHP. The protobuf definitions for these generated PHP classes are provided in the Googleapis repository.

Using these generated classes

These classes are made available under an Apache license (see LICENSE) and you are free to depend on them within your applications. They are considered stable and will not change in backwards-incompaible ways.

They are distributed as the google/shopping-common-protos composer package, available on Packagist.

In order to depend on these classes, add the following line to your composer.json file in the requires section:

  "google/shopping-common-protos": "^0.1"

Or else use composer from the command line:

composer require google/shopping-common-protos


These classes are licensed using the Apache 2.0 software license, a permissive, copyfree license. You are free to use them in your applications provided the license terms are honored.