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NamaeSpace is util command for PHP namespace. this command enables you to find and replace namespace using static analysis.



composer require --dev gong023/namae-space



namaespace find -C $HOME/your/project \ # path to your project composer.json
                -F Name\\YourClass      # Name what you want to find

namaespace command stdouts usage of Name\\YourClass.

See --help to know further.


namaespace replace -C $HOME/your/project      \ # path to your project composer.json
                   -O Origin\\YourOriginClass \ # Replaced OriginName
                   -N New\\YourNewClass         # NewClassName which you want to replace

namaespace command finds YourOriginClass, and then replaces it to YourNewClass.

You can pass -D or --dry_run option if you wanna test before replace. See --help to know further.

Unlike IDE, NamaeSpace can change Global namespace to be named.

How does it work

namaespace finds paths by reading composer.json and analyses codes.

Mainly analysis is delegated to nikic/PHP-Parser. You don't have to worry about instability of regex.

And analysis is executed under multi processing. You can pass -M or --max_process option to control number of process for any commands.