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Enhance Laracasts Behat Laravel Extension

0.1.0 2015-08-06 06:04 UTC

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Last update: 2018-10-31 08:36:47 UTC


I like to develop a Laravel application by Behat way. With Laracasts' Behat Laravel Extension, it made my dreams come true.

After I upgraded to Laravel 5.1, I fall in love the testing methods such as seeInDatabase or be in the new testing framework, but I can not use them in Behat context class.

So I combined the Behat-Laravel-Extension and Laravel testing framework, and made this extension.

What does the extension do?

This extension provides two features:

  1. You can use the testing APIs of Laravel Testing in your Behat context class. For example:
    * @Given a user whose name is :name
    * @param $name
   public function aUserWhoseNameIs($name)
       $this->user = factory(App\User::class)->create([
           'name' => $name,
       $this->seeInDatabase('users', [
           'name' => $this->user->name,

    * @When user attempts to sign in
   public function userAttemptsToSignIn()

The seeInDatabase, be and other testing methods are provided by Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\ApplicationTrait and only can be used in PHPUnit test case, but you can use them in Behat context class now.

  1. You can use the assert* methods these provided by PHPUnit_Framework_Assert directly. For example:
    * @Then user should be sign in
   public function userShouldBeSignIn()

This extension is still in development. If you have any issues, please let me know.


  1. Install this extension by composer:
composer require goez/behat-laravel-extension
  1. Add this extension and mink extension in your behat.yml:
            default_session: laravel
            laravel: ~
  1. Let your context class extends the Goez\BehatLaravelExtension\Context\LaravelContext class:
use Goez\BehatLaravelExtension\Context\LaravelContext;

class FeatureContext extends LaravelContext
    // ...