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PHP client library for the MEGA API.

This version come from Thanks to contributors !

I've added some features to use the max bandwidth thanks to forks

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Glutamatt\Mega\MEGA;

$mega = new MEGA() ;
$link = '!IdOfThEFilE!ThELonG_KeyOfDaFiLE' ;
$mega->public_file_save_from_link($link, 'where_file_will_be_saved/' );


2013/10/17 : Links from handled

Note: This library is still under development and incomplete, so the API is subject to change.


  • PHP 5.x
  • PHP Mcrypt extension
  • PHP OpenSSL extension
  • PHP cURL extension
  • PHP pcntl extension

Installation with composer

    "require": {
        "glutamatt/mega": "dev-master"
    "minimum-stability": "dev"

Creating the client

Using the constructor

$mega = new MEGA();

Using a static factory method

$mega = MEGA::create_from_login($email, $password);

This is equivalent to:

$mega = new MEGA();
$mega->user_login_session($email, $password);

Changing the default MEGA API server


Working with public files

Download public files not require authentication.

Gettings file info

$mega = new MEGA();

$file_info = $mega->public_file_info($ph, $key);

// Print filename and size
echo 'Filename: ' . $file_info['at']['n'];
echo 'Size: ' . $file_info['s'];

Using links

$file_info = $mega->public_file_info_from_link($link);

This is equivalents to:

$info = MEGA::parse_link($link);
$file_info = $mega->public_file_info($info['ph'], $info['key']);

Downloading public files

// Save file to current directory.
$filepath = $mega->public_file_save($ph, $key);
echo 'File saved in ' . $filepath;

// Equivalent using exported link
$filepath = $mega->public_file_save_from_link($link);
echo 'File saved in ' . $filepath;

See below for more examples.

Downloading files

Using streams

// Write to file
$fp = fopen($file, 'wb');
$content = $mega->public_file_download($ph, $key, $fp);

Returning content

// Get content using temporary stream
$content = $mega->public_file_download($ph, $key);

Saving to disk

// Save file to temporary directory.
$tmp = sys_get_temp_dir();
$file = $mega->public_file_save($ph, $key, $tmp);
echo 'File saved in ' . $file;

Private files


$mega = MEGA::create_from_user($email, $password);

$files = $mega->node_list();

// Get file info
$file_info = $mega->node_file_info($files['f'][5]);


  • The node_file_save() function is equivalent to public_file_save()
  • The node_file_download() function is equivalent to public_file_download()

User session

Store session

$mega = MEGA::create_from_user($email, $password);

// ...

// Get current session (as a base64 string)
$session = $mega->session_save();

// Store in a safe place!

Restoring session

// Retrive saved session
$session = get_session();

// Create client from previous session
$mega = MEGA::create_from_session($session);

// ...


  • This library has been written by Sergio Martín (@smartinm) as a port of official MEGA Javascript code.

  • Part of the code is based on the work done by Julien Marchand.