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Scaffold an application.

This packages is still under development. So use on own risk.

Create entity models in Yaml format, let me give you an example

name: User

table: users

  - name: email
    type: string
    fillable: true
    rules: [required, email]
  - name: password
    type: string
    fillable: true
    rules: ['min:10']
  - name: firstname
    type: string
    fillable: true
    rules: [required, 'min:2']
  - name: lastname
    type: string
    fillable: true
    rules: [required, 'min:2']

  destroyable: true
  editable: true
  increments: true
  timestamps: true
  softdeletes: true
  auth: true

    - entity: Task
    - entity: Something
      key: some_id

Put them in a folder called entities at the root of your application.

Now you have two artisan commands to use

  • artisan scaffold to scaffold the application
  • artisan scaffold:clear to remote the scaffolding