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Gloubster PHP client

dev-master 2013-01-11 12:58 UTC

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A set of synchronous / asynchronous clients to use to query a Gloubster Server.

Use in your project

Use composer to add it in your project :

    "require": {
        "gloubster/client": "0.1.*"

Synchronous Clients

Synchronous clients are commonly used like in the following example, specific clients use are described below.

use Gloubster\Exception\ClientRequestException;
use Gloubster\Exception\ClientNotAcknowledgedRequestException;

try {
    $acknowledgement = $client->send($job);
} catch (ClientRequestException $e) {
    echo "An error occured while querying Gloubster Server, the response was not understood\n";
    echo sprintf("Server answered : %s\n", $e->getResponse());
} catch (ClientNotAcknowledgedRequestException $e) {
    echo sprintf("Gloubster Server did not acknowledge the query for "
        . "the following reason : %s \n", $e->getAcknowledgement()->getReason());

ZeroMQ Client

ZeroMQ client is very easy to use ; you just to have to provide $transport, $host and $port.

use Gloubster\Client\Sync\ZMQClient;

// Will connect to ZMQ socket tcp://localhost:12300
$client = ZMQClient::create('tcp', 'localhost', '12300');

Asynchronous Clients

// todo


Gloubster PHP Client is released under the MIT license.