Yii AngularJS Helper Widget

0.3.1 2014-07-22 22:04 UTC


This extension allows to easily load and embed your AngularJS application from a Yii view.

Yii extension page:

Main Features

  • publish and load AngularJS base script and required modules
  • publish and load your AngularJS application assets
  • concatenate AngularJS application scripts into a single file
  • replace placeholders values on assets publication
  • flexible configuration

Getting started

  • download the extension
  • copy the angularHelper folder from the examples folder to your modules folder and enable it in your configuration file
  • open index.php?r=angularHelper/default/index in your browser
  • have a look at the source code of the extension (YiiAngularjsHelper.php) and of the example module