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Permissions plugin for CakePHP

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Permissions plugin for CakePHP


Do not use, very early stage


composer require gintonicweb/permissions

In your app's config/bootstrap.php add:



In your Auth setup, use ConfigAuthorize for authorization.

public $components = array(
    'Auth' => [
        'authorize' => ['Permissions.Config'],

In your controllers you can now use an array like this to grant permissions to specific actions for specific roles

// Add Role at the top of your controller like this
// use Permissions\Model\Entity\Role;

public $_permissions = [
    Role::ADMIN => '*',
    Role::USER => ['index', 'view'],

You can also add the Roles Listener in bootstrap.php if you want to have access to the users role from the Auth component.

// in config/bootstrap.php
use Permissions\Listener\RoleListener;
EventManager::instance()->attach(new RoleListener());

which makes it possible now to do things like

$role = $this->Auth->user('role');
$roleName = Role::types($role);