A simple philecms plugin that returns the Unix timestamp of the page (file)

1.0.2 2014-07-07 19:59 UTC


A simple PhileCMS plugin that returns the Unix timestamp of the page (file). This can be used in combination with your templating engine to format the last modificationdate of your page. Useful for blog posts and wiki entries. For example:

Last Updated on Mon 19th May 2014 at 7:49pm

This can be output by using the date function in Twig. For example:

<h1>{{ meta.title }}</h1>

<p><small>Last Updated {{ modified|date("D jS M Y \\a\\t g:ia") }}</small></p>

{{ content }}

1. Installation

Install via composer

composer require "gibbs/phile-last-modified:1.*"

Install via git

Clone this repository from the phile directory into plugins/gibbs/phileLastModified. E.g:

git clone plugins/gibbs/phileLastModified

Manual Install

Download and extract the contents into: plugins/gibbs/phileLastModified

2. Plugin Activation

Activate the plugin in your config.php file:

$config['plugins']['gibbs\\phileLastModified'] = array('active' => true);