Skeleton for develop Phalcon applications

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What is Pherlin?

Pherlin is an open source, which is a wrapper for a quick start developing applications on proper framework Phalcon. Pherlin is loosely coupled, allowing you to use its objects in your application based on Phalcon.

What gives Pherlin?

Pherlin enables flexibly manage your application by means of configuration files:

  • possibility to organize different behavior of the program depending on the environment;
  • organize initialization of Dependency Injection through configuration files with support for all native capabilities;
  • organize uniform storage and connecting modules, including with their installation through the composer.


To use Pherlin, you must have installed php 5.4 or later version, Phalcon 1.2.4 or later version, and must be installed composer to install dependencies.

Pherlin can be downloaded in two ways:

  • use composer by running the command composer create-project getsky/pherlin myproject -s stable;

  • or by downloading the archive project from github and install the dependency packages by runniing the command composer update.


Complete documentation: