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This package is distilled from legacy code. You certainly do not want this in your production code.

This PSR-style Middleware checks if a Response object status code is 401 Unauthorized and stores the current Request URI in a Aura.Session Segment. If the user is authenticated (i.e. login successful, 204 No Content), he will be redirected to this very URI as his start URL. The redirect status code is 301.

In particular

  1. When the Middleware is executed: If Response object is 401 Unauthorized, store Request URI in session and redirect to login URL.

  2. Call next middleware (or Page controller). A Login controller should on success set the Response object to 204 No Content.

  3. After route, check if Response is 204 No Content and redirect to the URI stored in session.


$ composer require germania-kg/redirect-unauthorized


The Response status codes needed are 401 or 204 per default. Create your own extension to use other codes:

class MyRedirector exends Germania\RedirectUnauthorized\Middleware
     * HTTP Status Code for Redirection
     * @var string
    public $redirect_status_code  = 301;
     * HTTP Status Code for "Unauthorized". Usually 401.
     * @var string
    public $auth_required_status_code  = 401;

     * HTTP Status Code for Responses after successful login. Usually 204.
     * @var string
    public $authorized_status_code = 204;


use Germania\RedirectUnauthorized\Middleware;

// Aura.Session Segment
$session_factory = new \Aura\Session\SessionFactory;
$session = $session_factory->newInstance($_COOKIE);
$segment = $session->getSegment('Vendor\Package\ClassName');

// Where to redirect unauthorized requests to
$login_url = "/login.html"

// Optional: PSR-3 Logger
$logger = new Monolog

$middleware = new Middleware( $segment, $login_url);
$middleware = new Middleware( $segment, $login_url, $logger);

Slim 3 Example

use Germania\RedirectUnauthorized\Middleware;

$app = new Slim\App;
$app->add( new Middleware ); 

Development and Testing

Develop using develop branch, using Git Flow.
Currently, no tests are specified.

$ git clone redirect-unauthorized
$ cd redirect-unauthorized
$ cp phpunit.xml.dist phpunit.xml
$ vendor/bin/phpunit