A payment-agnostic sales records system for your Laravel application.

v2.0.0-beta.1 2022-02-09 17:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-03-24 23:13:05 UTC


A payment-agnostic sales records system for your Laravel application.

Easily store and manage your application's quotes, orders, invoices, and credit memos sales documents.

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  • Support for quotes, orders, invoices and credit notes
  • Ability to generate orders from a quote, invoices from an order, credit memos from an invoice.
  • May be extended to support other sales documents.
  • Store discounts on statement and optionally associate it with select items
  • Per-item tax rates


use \Gerardojbaez\SaleStatements\Models\SaleStatement;
use \Gerardojbaez\SaleStatements\Models\SaleStatementType;

// Create Invoice sale statement
$invoice = SaleStatement::create(SaleStatementType::TYPE_ORDER);

// Add Billing and Shipping Address
    'is_shipping' => true,
    'is_billing' => true,
    'line_1' => '711-2880 Nulla St',
    'locality' => 'Mankato', // City, Town, Municipality, etc...
    'administrative_area' => 'Mississipi', // State, Province, Region, etc...
    'country_code' => 'US',
    'postalcode' => 96522,
    'given_name' => 'Cecilia', // i.e., first name
    'additional_name' => 'J.', // Can be used to hold a middle name, or a patronymic.
    'family_name' => 'Chapman', // i.e., last name
    'organization' => 'Acme Co.',

// Store a discount at the statement-level
$discount = $invoice->discounts()->create([
    'name' => 'Get 20% off of license!',
    'discount' => 20,
    'is_percentage' => true,

// Store tax rate at the statement-level
$tax = $statement->taxes()->create([
    'name' => 'PR 10.5 %',
    'rate' => 0.105,
    'amount' => 2486

// Add line item to statement
$item = $invoice->items()->create([
    'name' => 'Software license',
    'price' => 14900, // $149.00
    'quantity' => 1,

// Optionally associate discount with item

// Associate tax rate with item

A note on PDFs, address and money formatting

Address and money formatting is something that varies a lot between applications, this is why PDF generation is not included in this package and may not be added in the future.

You may consider using Dompdf and Sparksuite's invoice template as a starting point. If your application already has addresses and money formatting, adding PDF with the above tools may be a trivial task.

A note on money values

All amounts are represented in the smallest unit (e.g., cents), so USD 5.00 is written as 500. For this reason, all database columns that store monetary values are using the INT data type.

I don't see the relation to my users or products table

There's no assumption of your billable and product models. If you need to add a relation or extend the base functionality, you are free to do so by altering the tables as needed and extending the default models.


If you discover any security-related issue, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


Released under the MIT License. Please see the License file included for more information.