Sign in to TYPO3 by using your Google account

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This extension makes it possible to sign in in your TYPO3 websites by your Google account. This means fewer passwords and faster logins.


The matching property is the email address of the backend or frontend users.


  • Support for backend users
  • Support for frontend users
  • Support of switching Google accounts before login


  • TYPO3 CMS 8+
  • Basic knowledge about Google API configuration
  • Google account for the ones who need it


To be able to sign in by Google, a bit of configuration is required.

1) Create an account on Google Cloud Platform

Go to and create a new project.

2) Create credentials

Switch to credentials and click button create credentials and choose oauth client ID


Fill in the following options:

  • Application type: web application
  • Authorized JavaScript origins: Add all domains you are using


*Remember the client ID, you will need it later


3) Authorize Ownership

Go to and add site by clicking button add property

Add your domain.

Important: Only the recommended method HTML file upload is supported. follow the instructions and press button verify.

Install extension

Install extension as usual. Use composer with composer require georgringer/google-signin or get it from TER (tbd).

Configuration of extension

The settings in the extension manager are required:

  • Add the client ID
  • Enable BE/FE



Using the extension is very simple:


By enabling the backend usage in the extension manager, everything is configured.


The following tasks need to be done.

First enable the frontend usage in extension manager:

Adapt the template of EXT:felogin. Take a look at the example template which can be found here: EXT:google_signin/Resources/Private/Examples/FrontendLogin.html. The following changes need to be made:

  • Wrap regular fields with <div id="login-regular">...</div>
  • Add the marker ###GOOGLE_SIGNIN_SWITCH_LINK### which is replaced by a link to use the Google signup
  • Add the marker ###GOOGLE_SIGNIN_CONTENT### which is replaced by the content of google_signup like preview of user


For organsations, add your organisation name and choose an existing backend or fontend user as a template for new users. A new user will automatically be created when logging in with a google account assigned to the organisation.


Take a look at JS errors in the browser console.

Bugs & upcoming features

Take a look at the open issues at