Stream a ZIP file (memory efficient) as a PSR-7 message

3.4.0 2023-12-04 13:33 UTC


Stream a ZIP file (memory efficient) as a PSR-7 message.

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Use composer to add the package to your dependencies. Supports every PHP version that is receiving security updates.

composer require genkgo/archive-stream

For PHP 7.3, use version 3.1.x or lower.

composer require genkgo/archive-stream@3.0.3

Getting Started

use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\Archive;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\CallbackContents;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\CallbackStringContent;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\EmptyDirectory;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\FileContent;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\Psr7Stream;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\StringContent;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\TarGzReader;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\TarReader;
use Genkgo\ArchiveStream\ZipReader;

$archive = (new Archive())
    ->withContent(new CallbackStringContent('callback.txt', function () {
        return 'data';
    ->withContent(new StringContent('string.txt', 'data'))
    ->withContent(new FileContent('file.txt', 'local/file/name.txt'))
    ->withContent(new EmptyDirectory('directory'))
    ->withContents([new StringContent('string2.txt', 'data')])
    ->withContents(new CallbackContents(fn () => yield new StringContent('string3.txt', 'data')));

$response = $response->withBody(
    new Psr7Stream(new ZipReader($archive))

// or for tar files

$response = $response->withBody(
    new Psr7Stream(new TarReader($archive))

// or for tar.gz files

$response = $response->withBody(
    new Psr7Stream(new TarGzReader(new TarReader($archive)))

Usage in Symfony HttpFoundation (Symfony and Laravel)

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\StreamedResponse;

$stream = new Psr7Stream(new ZipReader($archive));

$response = new StreamedResponse(function () use ($stream) {
    while ($stream->eof() === false) {
        echo $stream->read($blockSize = 1048576);
}, 200, [
    'Content-type' => 'application/zip',
    'Content-Disposition' => 'attachment; filename=""',
    'Content-Transfer-Encoding' => 'binary',


  • PHP version actively receiving security updates
  • gmp extension
  • psr/http-message


  • Only the Zip64 (version 4.5 of the Zip specification) format is supported.
  • Files cannot be resumed if a download fails before finishing.


  • Paul Duncan - Original author
  • Daniel Bergey
  • Andy Blyler
  • Tony Blyler
  • Andrew Borek
  • Rafael Corral
  • John Maguire
  • Frederik Bosch


Original work Copyright 2007-2009 Paul Duncan Modified work Copyright 2013-2015 Barracuda Networks, Inc. Modified work Copyright 2016 Genkgo BV.

Licensed under the MIT License