A WebUI to manage translation files for Laravel, create or update existing languages files.

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Last update: 2023-09-13 09:56:57 UTC


A WebUI to manage translation files for Laravel.


  • Update existing translation file.
  • Create new language for a translation file.
  • Manage languages files of third party packages.


1- Add the package to your project.

Add it to your composer.json file

"geniusts/laravel-translation-manager": "~0.1.0"

or install it via composer.

composer require geniusts/laravel-translation-manager

2- Add the package service provider to config/app.php file, under providers section.


The service provider will added automatically if you are using Laravel 5.5

3- If you want to change prefix or middleware applied on routes, publish configuration file.

artisan vendor:publish --provider='\GeniusTS\TranslationManager\TranslationManagerServiceProvider' --tag=config

4- If you want to change views layouts, publish views files.

artisan vendor:publish --provider='\GeniusTS\TranslationManager\TranslationManagerServiceProvider' --tag=views


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This package is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.