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Libsodium is installed and configured in your environment. Our friends over at ParagonIE have a wonderful document to help you out. Read it here.


composer require geggleto/securejwt


  1. Generate a security key [a script has been provided scripts/generateSecretKey.php]

  2. Encrypting your Tokens

    $config = new \Lcobucci\JWT\Builder(); // This object helps to simplify the creation of the dependencies
    // instead of using "?:" on constructors.

    $token = $config->setIssuer('') // Configures the issuer (iss claim)
        ->setAudience('') // Configures the audience (aud claim)
        ->setId('4f1g23a12aa', true) // Configures the id (jti claim), replicating as a header item
        ->setIssuedAt(time()) // Configures the time that the token was issue (iat claim)
        ->setNotBefore(time() + 60) // Configures the time that the token can be used (nbf claim)
        ->setExpiration(time() + 3600) // Configures the expiration time of the token (exp claim)
        ->set('uid', 1) // Configures a new claim, called "uid"
        ->getToken(); // Retrieves the generated token

    $secureJwt = new \SecureJwt\SecureJwt('./sec/encryption.key');

    $securedToken = $secureJwt->encryptToken((string)$token); //<--- This is the encrypted token
  1. Decrypting your tokens
    $tokenString = $secureJwt->decryptToken($securedToken);

    $newToken = (new \Lcobucci\JWT\Parser())->parse($tokenString);