A PHP wrapper class for PHP's IMAP-related email handling functions.

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A PHP wrapper class for PHP's IMAP-related email handling functions.

This class includes many convenience methods to help take the headache out of dealing with emails in PHP. For example, email handling method names make more sense (e.g. getMessage, deleteMessage, and moveMessage along with a message id, rather than passing around IMAP streams, using many difficult-to-remember imap_* functions).

Also, this class adds some convenient helpful information to emails, like the full message header (in raw_header), and whether or not the email was sent by an autoresponder (see detectAutoresponder for details).

If you have any issues or feature suggestions, please post a new issue on GitHub.


Connect to an IMAP account by creating a new Imap object with the required parameters:

$host = 'imap.example.com';
$user = 'johndoe';
$pass = '12345';
$port = 993;
$ssl = true;
$folder = 'INBOX';
$mailbox = new Imap($host, $user, $pass, $port, $ssl, $folder);

Get a list of all mailboxes:


Get an array of message counts (recent, unread, and total):


Get an associative array of message ids and subjects:


Load details for a message by id.

$id = 2;

Delete a message by id.

$id = 2;

Disconnect from the server (necessary after deleting or moving messages):


More methods and documentation can be found in the Imap.php class file.


Imap is licensed under the MIT (Expat) license. See included LICENSE.md.