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Library which is used to colorize syntax of xml, yaml and json in console.

1.0.3 2019-03-18 10:16 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-06 16:04:10 UTC


This is a syntax highlighter library used to colorize output of xml, json and yaml formats to be displayed in command-line utilities.


composer require geekdevs/cli-highlighter


Use individual highlighters:

$highlighter = new JsonHighlighter($jsonOptions);
echo $highlighter->highlight($input);

$highlighter = new XmlHighlighter($xmlOptions);
echo $highlighter->highlight($input);

$highlighter = new YamlHighlighter($yamlOptions);
echo $highlighter->highlight($input);

Use helper service for multiple formats

$options = [
    'json' => [
        'keys'   => 'magenta',
        'values' => 'green',
        'braces' => 'light_white',

    'xml' => [
        'elements'   => 'yellow',
        'attributes' => 'green',
        'values'     => 'green',
        'innerText'  => 'light_white',
        'comments'   => 'gray',
        'meta'       => 'yellow',

    'yaml' => [
        'separators' => 'blue',
        'keys'       => 'yellow',
        'values'     => 'light_white',
        'comments'   => 'gray',

$highlighter = new \CliHighlighter\Service\Highlighter($options);

echo $highlighter->highlight($input, 'json');
echo $highlighter->highlight($input, 'xml');
echo $highlighter->highlight($input, 'yaml');

Use as console tool

You can use vendor/bin/highlighter script with preconfigured colors for json, xml, yaml. Like this

vendor/bin/highlighter json < input.json
vendor/bin/highlighter xml < input.xml
vendor/bin/highlighter yaml < yaml.xml

Alternativelym you can pipe this command like so:

echo "<hello name=\"world\" />" | vendor/bin/highlighter xml