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SilverStripe PDF Generation via DOMPDF Library

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0.0.1 2015-11-03 21:20 UTC

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Last update: 2022-06-25 06:05:30 UTC


This is a fork of for use with Composer.

Maintainer: Jeremy Shipman (

Makes use of: Dompdf websites:,


  • HTML string (which could be rendered template)
  • HTML File


  • PDF File location
  • SS File
  • PDF binary stream to browser



  • On the command line, cd into your sites root folder
  • Run composer require gdmedia/silverstripe-dompdf
  • Run dev/build?flush=all in your browser


Example usage

	$pdf = new SS_DOMPDF();


The $pdf->streamdebug(); function is useful for quickly viewing pdfs, particularly if your browser supports displaying pdfs, rather than downloading.

You can check your html before it is converted like this:

	echo $mydataobject->renderWith('MyTemplate');die();

Useful Tips