A module for retrieving and sending data to Cyclops

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Module for retrieving and sending data to cyclops


  • PushStateToCyclopsCommand.php Abstract Custard Command for pushing the state of Cyclops Customers.

  • PushDeletedToCyclopsCommand.php Deletes a list of Cyclops Customers.

  • PushStaleToCyclopsCommand.php Updates a list of Cyclops Customers' brand opt ins that have failed before.

  • PullChangesFromCyclopsCommand.php Retrieves a list of updates made to Cyclops Customers' brand opt ins, allowing us to update project specific members to the same status.


  • CustomerEntity.php Used for most of our use cases, this combines a CyclopsIdentityEntity with their BrandOptIn value.

  • CyclopsIdentityEntity.php How we identify a Cyclops Customer - made up of email, id, forename and surname.

  • CyclopsCustomerListEntity.php Made up of an array of CustomerEntities, used in our "Push to Cyclops" use cases.


Cyclops API has a few exceptions it throws for specific end points. The ones we handle are:

  • ConflictException.php Thrown if the parameters we send are invalid.

  • CustomerNotFoundException.php Thrown if the customer we are updating or deleting is not found in Cyclops API.

  • CyclopsException.php Base exception that all others extend.

  • UserForbiddenException.php Thrown if the user we access Cyclops API as does not have read or write permissions.


The url, username and password we use to access the Cyclops API are set in CyclopsSettings.php

Use Cases

  • DeleteCustomerUseCase.php

  • GetBrandOptInStatusChangesUseCase.php

  • GetBrandOptInUseCase.php

  • PullChangesFromCyclopsUseCase.php

  • PushDeletedToCyclopsUseCase.php

  • PushStaleToCyclopsUseCase.php