Php library to communicate with Centrifugo/Centrifuge)

1.0.5 2017-10-25 13:51 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-24 12:52:10 UTC


Php library to communicate with Centrifugo HTTP API.

Library is published on the Composer:

    "require": {

Full Centrifugo documentation

Basic Usage:

        $client = new \phpcent\Client("http://localhost:8000");
        $client->setSecret("secret key from Centrifugo");
        $client->publish("main_feed", ["message" => "Hello Everybody"]);
        $history = $client->history("main_feed");

You can use phpcent to create frontend token:

	$token = $client->setSecret($pSecret)->generateClientToken($user, $timestamp);

Or to create private channel sign:

	$sign = $client->setSecret($pSecret)->generateClientToken($client, $channel);

Since 1.0.3 phpcent has broadcast implementation.

$client->broadcast(['example:entities', 'example:moar'], ['user_id' => 2321321, 'state' => '1']);


In case if your Centrifugo server has invalid SSL certificate, you can use:


Since 1.0.5 you can use self signed certificate in safe manner:

$client = new \phpcent\Client("https://localhost:8000");
$client->setSecret("secret key from Centrifugo");
$transport = new \phpcent\Transport();

Note: Certificate must match with host name in Client address (localhost in example above).

Alternative clients