Symlink composer packages to local versions

0.7.11 2013-09-05 09:29 UTC


Current version: 0.7.11



./vendor/bin/composer-sym link

from your projects root.

Other methods;

  • link: Loop through your composer.json and see what we can link for you.
  • unlink: Give you the option of unlinking any packages we've linked.
  • help: List of methods and params.
  • getGuessedProjectDir: What we think your project directory is.
  • getGuessedHomeDir: What we think you home directory is.

Compser Sym assumes a vendor/package structure, so if your project is located in /home/foo/bar we will assume that /home is your home directory (root of all packages).


"require": { "garoevans/composer-sym": "0.7.*" }

Due to one of the dependencies Composer Sym also requires the minimum stability to be set to dev;

"minimum-stability": "dev"