Certified random number generator (RNG) by GamblingTec using Zend Math Rand

1.0.2 2019-04-02 16:07 UTC



This is a simple wrapper using Zend/Math/Rand which has been certified by Sunseven NV for use with a Curacao Gambling License.

The wrapper is freely available for use by the gambling community. By using this wrapper, we can assist you with RNG certification which is a pre-requisite of a gambling license.

The advantages of using this wrapper is that we have already gone through the timely process of having the Zend/Math/Rand class approved for gambling activities and for this reason we can offer you a certificate for your games quickly.

Test Utility (command line)

For a demonstration of the GamblingTec RNG, please see: which is a command line utility using the wrapper.

About Zend/Math/Rand

You can read about it here:


  • PHP 7.0 +


Use composer to install.

composer require gamblingtec/certified-rng

or just composer install with the following line in your json file

"gamblingtec/certified-rng": "^1.0"

Gambling License

Should your organisation require an RNG certificate in order to obtain a gambling license, we can provide you with a certificate for the class.

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