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PDF File Merger for PHP5

dev-master 2019-11-06 19:03 UTC

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#PDFMerger for PHP (PHP 5 and above up to PHP 7.1 Compatible)

PDFMerger created by Jarrod Nettles December 2009

Updated by Vasiliy Zaytsev February 2016

  • Uses tcpdf 6.2.12 by Nicola Asuni
  • Uses patched tcpdi_parser 1.0 by Paul Nicholls with own TCPdiParserException
  • Uses TCPDI 1.0 by Paul Nicholls with FPDF_TPL extension 1.2.3 by Setasign

PHP 5 Compatible

I have made some changes in original codes to make PHPMerger compatible for PHP 5.

  • Update

I tested with PHP 7.1 on my local machine and it still works.

Support of PDF 1.5 and PDF 1.6

FPDF and FPDI libraries replaced by TCPDF with TCPDI extension and parser.

Example Usage

include 'PDFMerger.php';

$pdf = new PDFMerger; // or use $pdf = new \PDFMerger; for Laravel

$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/one.pdf', '1, 3, 4');
$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/two.pdf', '1-2');
$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/three.pdf', 'all');

$pdf->merge('file', 'samplepdfs/TEST2.pdf'); // generate the file

$pdf->merge('download', 'samplepdfs/test.pdf'); // force download

// REPLACE 'file' WITH 'browser', 'download', 'string', or 'file' for output options