The Laravel Framework.

v0.3.8 2017-11-02 21:57 UTC



  • AngularJS, angular-material, Progressive web apps
  • Laravel as restful backend api
  • Modular development, app breakdown into module/ package which can be distributed via composer.
  • Admin dashboard automatically create UI CRUD for data, paging, restrict specific section, menu visibility and else.
  • User, Permission, Role, ACL, JwtAuth, Oauth2.


Require: nodejs < v8, bower, gulp, yarn, composer installed in local.

In the terminal type:

composer create-project gabootsoft/gaboot example --prefer-dist

cd example

bower install


# Create the database
# Edit .env file, change default database credential with your data

npm run app:install

php artisan serve

# In the browser go to
# http://localhost:8000/
# http://localhost:8000/admin
# Admin login, email: , password: password

# Oauth2 server
# http://localhost:8000/siegnor/oauth2/


Delete ./public/build directory before in the terminal running gulp watch.

See also components docs.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2