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dev-master 2013-12-26 22:21 UTC


GaboAcosta UI-Tools

This is a library I'm building to make my work easier

Currently I'm working a lot with zurb/foundation and Laravel and one of the must cumbersome part of the development to me is coding a navigation bar which is aware of the route it's in so it can highlight menus and elements to provide a visual guide.

Here is where the NavBar part of the UI-Tools comes into play.

To start add to the requirements in your composer.json:

"gaboacosta/ui-tools": "dev-master"

Next, copy the file /vendor/gaboacosta/ui-tools/GaboAcosta/UITools/NaviGation/config.navBar.php to your /app/config folder, dont forget to rename it. You should now have /app/config/navBar.php

Next open up in your favorite editor /app/config/app.php and add this line to the providers array:


And this to your aliases array:

'NavBar'          => 'GaboAcosta\UITools\Navigation\FoundationNavBar',

Then open up the config file /app/config/navBar.php

Please note that the array for the menu entries is called routes, this means that as of this release you must bind every menu item to a named route, I've provided a field called implemented so you can elements which don't have a route yet, but the link to those will be just a #

Finally In the layout or view where you want to display this menu just call:


Please help me improve this project by reporting issues or making pull request to add functionality

Also please remember that you will have to manually get zurb/foundation working in your project to be able to use this library.