Commands to update the contao database or add an admin entry

0.2.4 2018-12-04 19:55 UTC

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Last update: 2021-02-25 13:57:40 UTC


No need for the install tool anymore. This Bundle comes with a command to update the database to reflect all changed made in the dca files. Furthermore you can now add admin user per command, accept the license and do the whole first setup process with one command!


Step 1: Install the bundle

composer require fuzzyma/contao-database-commands-bundle

Step 2: Register the bundle

Open your AppKernel.php and add the following line in the dev/test section:

$bundles[] = new Fuzzyma\Contao\DatabaseCommandsBundle\ContaoDatabaseCommandsBundle();

or use the composer plugin to register bundles: ComposerRegisterBundlePlugin


The following commands are available:

  • contao:database:update | Updates the database to the current dca state
  • contao:database:addAdmin | Adds a new admin user
  • contao:license | Accepts the license
  • contao:setup | Creates Database and runs all other commands to perform a full contao setup


bin/console contao:database:update -d        // updates the database INCLUDING [d]rops
bin/console contao:database:update --dry-run // only prints queries. database is left untouched


bin/console contao:database:addAdmin // creates a new admin user interactively
bin/console contao:database:addAdmin -u username -a name -m mail -p password // for the pros
bin/console contao:database:addAdmin --force // will add admin even if admin user already present in tl_user table


bin/console contao:license       // accept the license interactively
bin/console contao:license --yes // accept the license directly


bin/console contao:setup // do all together + creates database if not exists

Register database updates to the composer post-update-cmd

Just add the following to the post-update-cmd array in your composer.json:

php bin/console contao:database:update